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I Can Be Your Hero! Find Out Why

Posted by Melanie Takacs on Mar 21, 2017 2:52:38 PM

 Rick was stuck in a tough spot; his team was overwhelmed with work and he could use some extra help, but unfortunately there wasn’t any money in the budget to hire new staff.

Not only were they being worked to the bone with station overhauls, new construction projects, and annual maintenance inspections, but what was really killing their productivity was the hours of windshield time required to cover their vast territory.

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Noise Reduction in Tight Spaces

Posted by Melanie Takacs on Mar 14, 2017 1:58:03 PM


Do you hear that noise from the bay on the other side?” Daryl asked his colleague Mary.

No, not really, what noise?” Mary questioned.

Sweet, that’s exactly what we want!” Daryl exclaimed.

He and his design team were testing out how well the DB 819 silencer by Pietro Fiorentini could reduce the noise which is normally created by a regulator as it cuts pressure in a gate station.

Just as it had several times in the past, the DB 819 was working perfectly, and Daryl was hoping to use one just like this for an upcoming overhaul project where noise attenuation was a concern.

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Topics: Pietro Fiorentini, noise reduction, small site issues, PF regulator silencer, light silencer, regulator silencer, LDB 171, DB 819, small site design, tight spaces

A Mini-Max Rotary Corrector Could Save the Day

Posted by Melanie Takacs on Mar 7, 2017 9:42:56 AM

It was a cold December evening at the site in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, where the young Technician Rob was just getting settled for his night shift. Being one of the newbies, he was assigned many of the graveyard shifts of watching the monitors, that displayed gas flows going into and out of the site. He had completed a handful of these before, often with someone more senior by his side. The company had been cutting some costs and felt he could handle the cumbersome task on his own. It was boring but someone had to do it. The hardest part was staying awake and alert, even with a cup of Joe! He decided to blast some obtrusive heavy metal music to help keep him going, there was no one to complain about his song choice after all.


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Topics: Honeywell, mercury instruments, volume correction, rotary meters, mini max rotary corrector, mini-max rotary, PTZ volume corrector, rotary corrector, mini-max, direct-mount, pressure corrector, volume corrector

Looking for the Right Grease for the Job?

Posted by Melanie Takacs on Feb 24, 2017 9:54:38 AM


 If you read our last blog, then you know that Joe had quite the situation going on with his hands, after a hand fracture he was sentenced to light duty for a few weeks and became highly acquainted with the ‘Viper’ grease gun. Flash forward to today, and he is the seasoned “Grease Guy” well known across Western Canada. Have a grease question? Joe is your guy!


Recently Mary desperately needed his advice on some grease. Mary was frazzled with her current site issue andwas feeling overwhelmed with all the different types of lube sealants/grease on the market.

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Topics: Val-Tex, pipe gathering, wellhead, distribution, grease, grease valtex, valve lubrication, grease for the job, grease needed, valtex, oilfield, what kind of grease, valtex grease, lube sealant, transmission pipeline, midstream

Why You Need a Val-Tex Viper Today

Posted by Melanie Takacs on Feb 14, 2017 10:11:32 AM

 Joe’s got a situation on his hands…well with his hands. Two days ago, he was in an unfortunate car accident that he was lucky to walk away from in good condition except for a painful fracture to his right hand (his dominant one, of course). He was ordered to endure the dreaded boredom sentence of ‘light duty’ for the next couple weeks. Armed with a cast, on the one hand, to limit bone movement until it healed properly, he was back at work Monday morning.

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Topics: viper grease guns, val-tex viper, what is a viper, ball valve lubrication, viper, valve lubrication, what is a viper grease gun

How Tap Placement Can Affect Regulator Control

Posted by Melanie Takacs on Feb 7, 2017 10:55:00 AM

It was a Saturday afternoon and Rob was getting ready to call it a day. He’s the new guy on staff and had decided to pick up an extra shift to bank some bucks for an upcoming vacation when… “Oh great not NOW! Why me?” he shouted.

I wish I was on vacation right about now!” the technician bellowed. He was the only technician on call, and of course, Murphy’s Law had decided to rear its ugly head. He was getting a call from Gas Control saying that one of their stations was behaving strangely; the outlet pressure wasn’t holding steady, and guess who’s job it was to make things right? Looks like vacation wouldn’t be starting early after all…

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Topics: Pietro Fiorentini, station design placement, regulator performs, station design, station recommendations, station planning, sensing line, regulator control, tap placement, station issues, station design flaws

Rockin' RABO Meter

Posted by Melanie Takacs on Jan 31, 2017 9:59:14 AM

Joe and his buddy Daryl have been using Elster RVG and IRM gas meters for ages (yikes over 15 years now) and they have always done the job exceptionally well. There are, however, certain characteristics of one product that Joe preferred, for example on the RVG, the easy access to the oil chamber from the front face of the meter allowed for quick and easy maintenance. While Daryl liked how the IRM had an index on the front cover that supports either vertical or horizontal installation positions and had an overall compact device size.

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Topics: Honeywell, RABO, RABO rotary gas meter, Elster, RABO meter, gas meter

3 Step Guide: When Having Ball Valves Issues (External Causes)

Posted by Melanie Takacs on Jan 17, 2017 11:20:43 AM

Everyone has had issues operating a ball valve at some point. It’s happened to the best of us (even our seasoned pro Joe). The solution? This can be caused by many potential issues, either internally or externally, or sometimes it can be a combination of both. We suggest beginning your search by looking at external issues. External issues deal with inspection, maintenance, and servicing many of which are included in the list below.

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Topics: Val-Tex, ball valves, ball valve issues, external causes, manually operated, pneumatic actuator, electric actuator, actuator, gear operated, power actuated, manual actuator, hydraulic actuator

Is Gas Analytical Sampling of Interest to You? We Have An Answer

Posted by Melanie Takacs on Dec 16, 2016 10:04:46 AM

For those of you who are involved in gas sampling and protecting your analyzers-WE HAVE A SOLUTION! It's also Joe approved to get the job done- for good!

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Topics: Welker, analyzer protection, gas sampling

Tough Love For Old Technology

Posted by Melanie Takacs on Nov 16, 2016 1:38:36 PM

“So (explicit) annoying” cursed an aggravated Joe. He was so tired of using this ancient mechanical TC Module and it had only been a couple of days.


It’s one of the pains that came along with switching sites and being stuck with using products that are now very out-of-date. This old mechanical Temperature Compensating module was causing many problems at Joe’s site, from being difficult to calibrate and not nearly as accurate as newer electronic indexes.

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Topics: Honeywell, temperature compensating index, mechanical module, temperature corrector, tc module, mercury instruments

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